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-- Actor:
-- Musician:

-- Enigmas de Otros Mundos (Enigms of Other Worlds):
-- El Erminauta: 
-- The Egregor Meter Project: 
-- The GOD Machine Project: 

*** My personal and projects domains: 

*** My Project: Education of the Future :
-- In English:

*** Software development:
-- Moebyus Search Engine (MSE) "Beta Version 2011 (2)" - (My new software development):
-- Show my latest Business Management System:
-- The Egregor Meter Project -EMP- (Latest version):
-- The EGREGOR METER Project, has become On Line.

*** Multidisciplinary development (The God Machine Project):

*** My YouTube channels, of:
-- Some programs designed and performing for me:
-- My performances/Acting/Casting for foundries (also performed in English):
-- My audio-articles (taken from my Web test:
-- Personal YouTube Channel:

*** Websites where I upload my musical productions:

*** My all books on Amazon:  (abbreviated link Because it is a search on Amazon).

*** Facebook page about my novel: "The Digital Sentinel":
*** Facebook page about my novel: "Annon and the Crystal Jail":
*** Facebook page about my novel: "Annon and the Enigma of the Phoenix":

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